Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc

500 Old Dominion Way
Thomasville, NC 27360

Phone: View Phone Number336-889-5000
Toll-Free: View Toll-Free Number1-800-432-6335

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Company Description:

Old Dominion Freight Line has been keeping promises to customers since 1934. OD is a leading less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier providing nationwide service through more than 229 service centers. Our 20,000 employees deliver premium service with the most competitive transit times available.

OD understands that trade show transportation is a unique business. Just planning and executing shows can be hectic and demanding enough without worrying if your materials will get there safely and on time. It’s critical that you stay focused on the event itself.

When you know that your booth and materials are in dependable hands, much of your stress goes away. OD’s decades of experience in the LTL transportation industry, paired with its nationwide service center network, makes OD Expo the perfect choice for your trade show shipping. With OD’s team of dedicated trade show experts, you’ll remain confident throughout the entire process—shipping, delivery and return.

Simply put, Old Dominion will take the worry and complexity out of your next trade show shipment. Here's what you can count on:

  • 99% on-time delivery to all 50 states
  • A claims ratio among the lowest in the industry
  • Online rate quotes, booking, tracking and bill of lading forms
  • The most effective and responsive trade show team in the industry
  • Industry leading technology: EDI, Handhelds, RFID, Dockyard management and more
  • Nationwide coverage with more than 229 Service centers
  • Smartway®-certified fleet
  • Pickups anytime, anywhere
  • Expedited services if needed

When your show is located within the continental United States, OD makes sure the promises you make are kept, with people who will do what it takes to earn, and keep your trust.

To assure that Old Dominion delivers the best trade show services, these suggestions will help make sure everything goes as planned:

  • Clearly mark your shipment and bill of lading.
  • Remove any old shipping labels that may create confusion.
  • Indicate move-in or arrive-by date on your bill of lading for show shipments.
  • Take work off your trade show team by scheduling your return shipment in advance.

When the show is over, these follow-up steps help assure that everything’s in order for a seamless return:

  • Make sure your booth staff knows how to complete the Material Handling form on the return shipment.

           -Mark Old Dominion as the carrier of choice.
           -On the Reroute section, check “Deliver back to warehouse at exhibitor’s expense.”
           -Return the form to the show service desk once your shipment is packed.

  • Simply call OD’s Trade Show Department for pickup.
  • Email the completed bill of lading or Material Handling form (a photo works great) to

Trade shows represent a large investment in time, commitment and cost. With OD, you will get the same premium customer service and worry-free dependability for your trade show logistics that customers have come to expect from OD in the LTL industry.

*Source: 2017 Mastio & Co. National LTL Carrier Report

Old Dominion service components, OD Domestic, OD Expedited, OD Global and OD Technology, allow OD to provide their customers with complete business solutions.

All of these services operate seamlessly as one company with the help of OD’s most important component, OD People. They all stand by one promise—to get your shipment where it needs to go, on time and intact.

With this focus on customer satisfaction, OD has earned more #1 rankings than any other national carrier in Mastio & Company’s annual customer survey.* These top rankings for on-time performance, damage-free deliveries and overall satisfaction reflect OD’s commitment to provide its customers with the highest levels of service.


For more than eight decades, the dedicated work of OD employees has consistently delivered Premium Service that gets your shipments where they need to go, on time and intact.


OD’s on-time deliveries and transit times are among the best in the industry. Customers depend upon OD reliability, and OD is committed to delivering it.


OD invests millions of dollars each year to maintain a claims ratio that ranks as one of the lowest in the business. Damage-free deliveries help reduce your hassle and expense of replacing shipped items.


OD’s online and mobile technology gives you the transparency and immediacy necessary to track and trace your shipments, billing and related documents efficiently and accurately.


Feedback is important, and OD proves it every day by listening, innovating and continually striving to improve customer service.

Today, Old Dominion offers global transportation services with the help of over 20,000 employees. OD provides high-quality regional, inter-regional and national service through one company at a fair and equitable price.

Looking to the future, Old Dominion continues to invest heavily in capacity, technology and people. Much of this investment has gone into expanding the capacity of OD’s service centers and equipment. OD has also invested in improving productivity, while providing customers with freight visibility and other management tools.

OD believes in the continuous education and training of employees, building a motivated, innovative and flexible team that strives to consistently surpass customer expectations each day.

Throughout Old Dominion’s 80+ year history, their commitment has never waivered to Helping the World Keep Promises. It remains as strong as ever.

Product Information:
Old Dominion Freight Line is a leading LTL carrier providing premium service and trade show logistics. OD's claims ratio, on-time delivery and safety records are among the best in the industry. OD’s national footprint with over 229 service centers allows shipping across all 48 contiguous states with the most competitive transit times available. OD offers specific-day delivery and scheduled pickups anytime. OD has been keeping promises to customers since 1934.

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