1605 King Street, Suite 2
Alexandria, VA 22314

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Company Description:

Providing a national presence with a neighborhood feel, Fern offers services and solutions to event organizers to help them grow their relationships and drive results, for their organization and their stakeholders. We strive to continually innovate in ways that allow us to deliver an event experience rooted in service, and attention to detail, and creativity; while meeting the core needs required of a general service contractor. 

Serving events in over 130 markets annually, Fern can provide you and your event with all the traditional services typically associated with a general service contractor, along with innovations such as OneView. OneView is the industry’s first team-based exhibitor portal that provides a fully customizable, collaborative-based, e-commerce solution for all event services and documentation. For more information on OneView, click here

Organizationally, we continue to evolve with solutions such as OneView, across all aspects of our business. This innovation and growth is focused on providing show organizers with the solutions they need to build a meaningful relationship with their organization, their exhibitors and their attendees. 

As we move forward, our growth will continue to be rooted in our core service principles: 

  • Own the customer experience 
  • Do the right thing — always 
  • Do no harm —ever 
  • Err on the side of the customer 

Service Contractor-General
Exhibit Designer, Builder
Furniture Rental, Booth Furnishings
Service Contractor-Installation and Dismantle
Facility-Convention Center
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