Floral Exhibits

2555 S Leavitt Street
Chicago, IL 60608

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Company Description:

Conceptualize beyond plants and build a better image with Floral Exhibits. We are a dedicated supplier to the tradeshow industry, servicing customers in all major convention centers nationwide. Floral Exhibits is a highly experienced, full-service team dedicated to utilizing our knowledge and expertise to create a smooth process for customers. Providing an extensive plant inventory and creative design capabilities, we will add a visual edge to your space. Indoor or outdoor, we excel in creating environments with quality plant materials and custom designs. From single plants to manicured topiaries, custom containers, living walls or towering trees—our comprehensive inventory allows us to invigorate any space with dynamic plantscapes. Partnering with both exhibitors and associations, we understand the details imperative to a successful trade show and the personalized approach required to make it an enjoyable experience for exhibitors and attendees alike.

Product Information:
Let our plants breathe life into your events! Custom planters filled with a Lyrata, dressed with Neon Pothos, lush Limelight, and vibrant Croton Petras.

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