William Exline Inc.

12301 Bennington Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44135

Phone: View Phone Number216-941-0800
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Company Description:

William Exline Inc. is a fifth generation family business specializing in the manufacture of passbooks, passports, card jackets and the unique CardBook® cardholder. The original Exline Printing and Binding Company was organized in the 1904 and was reorganized in 1929 as William Exline Inc.

User-Friendly Format Provides:

  • A convention schedule or show guide that fits in badge holder, pocket, purse or wallet.
  • Pocket to hold room key card and is handed out at hotel check-in with room key card.
  • Pages for welcome, agenda, exhibit & meeting schedule, avertisers and/or sponsors.

Back Cover Can Be:

  • Sold to primary sponsor of guide or advertisers to help and/or pay for the guide itself
  • Used to promote next year's conference or trade show
  • Thank association attendees for their attendance

Unique Construction:

  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable and biodegradable - thread sewn, no staples
  • Die cut card pocket inside front cover and glued cover for added durability
  • Incredibly small -- wallet size format measuring 2 1/2 x 3 1/2" closed

Customizations Can Include: 

  • Number of pages - minimum of 2 and maximum of 38
  • A second card pocket
  • Perforated pages for tear-out coupons or promotions
  • Four color process printing, foil stamping & embossing
  • A single or double foldout map or exhibit areas, conference locations, hotel or resort layout and amenities
  • QR Codes to bridge the gap between your print & web-based marketing

Product Information:
CardBook® Cardholders

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Advertising, Promotional Services
Marketing Services, Research
Graphics, Printing
Event Mgmt Software – Itineraries, Matchmaking, Wayfinders, Virtual Reality
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