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Company Description:

Make your event memorable for all the right reasons.  We at TLC are dedicated to providing floral service that exceeds the expectations of each of our clients. Get stunning fresh cut flower arrangements where you order potted plants with TLC.  From oversized trees, flowering plants, and fresh cut flowers, we blend the freshest floral products with unique artistic designs to create an eye-catching space that will leave you and your guests mesmerized.  Whether this requires opulent gardens, rain forests, tranquility gardens or a more subtle, contemporary, and clean arrangement, our experienced designers are passionate about using living floral to draw attention to your event’s focal points, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your space.  

TLC has provided quality plant rental exclusively to the convention and special event industry nationwide for over 30 years.  Choose from an impressive selection of trees, flowering plants, and decorative containers.

Our floral services are carefully planned to make sure that your floral, whether potted plants or cut flower designs, are optimally healthy and attractive for your big event from the first day to the very last.

Following are just a few services and items available through TLC:

  1. Free Consultation
    - Send us your diagram or sketches and vision, and we will create your landscapeInspiration for selfie walls/areas
    - Inspiration for selfie walls/areas
  2. Large selection of trees:
    - Ficus (Benjamin, Fiddle Leaf, Alli)
    - Palm (Majesty, Areca, Adonidia, Neanthabella, Kat, Queen, Robeline)
    - Fruit Trees (Lemon, Orange)
    - Evergreen Trees (Arborvitae, Juniper, Magnolia, Hemlock, Spruce, Fir)
    - River Burch
  3. Medium Size Plants
    - All the standard plants - Janet Craig, Corn Plant, shorter ficus and palms, Marginattas, Snake plants, Peace lilies
    - Box woods, Cactus, Hibiscus, Grass
  4. Small Size Plants
    - Green (ivy, pothos, ferns)
    - Blooming (bromeliad, mums, azaleas, kalanchoe, hydrangea, lily, tulip, antherium)
  5. Fresh Cut Flower Arrangements of all sizes
    - Centerpieces for dinners located at exhibit facility or off site
    - Bud vases to Buffet arrangements
    - Corsages, boutonnieres
    - Large
    - Succulents
  6. Water Treatment
    - Water Walls
    - Waterfalls
    - Water Fountains
  7. Decorative Containers
    - Contemporary Short and Tall
    - Rustic
    - Cement
    - White or Natural Wood, wonderful for gardens
  8. Assortment of Lighting
    - Add a stunning dimension to fresh cut flower arrangements
    -  Water features come alive with strategic lighting
  9. Moss Walls
    - Large or Small


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