United Service Companies

1550 S. Indiana Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: View Phone Number800-248-8558

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Established in 1965, United Service Companies grew from a local maintenance company and trade show service provider into the largest convention, trade show and event service company in the United States. Over the years, we have worked diligently to earn the reputation of being a first-class service provider for each of our customers. Today, we provide unparalleled service for customers with diverse business needs throughout the nation.

At United, we continuously strive to evolve in the ever-changing service market. We do this by listening to each of our customer's current needs and future objectives. For instance, we recognized that the needs of our customers were changing and extended beyond just cleaning and maintenance. So, we evolved and also provide temporary staffing and security businesses to better assist our customers achieve their goals. Our unique structure of closely woven companies enables us to provide our customers with a magnitude of expert resources that help them achieve their goals.

Renowned for our unparalleled customer service and attention to detail, our customer base expanded to include a myriad of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. United National, our trade show cleaning business is unsurpassed when it comes to sustainable cleaning and recently helped Greenbuild achieve a TRUE Zero Waste rating. We clean more than 1,500 trades shows in more than 27 cities across United States every year.

Our professional trade show security team has been built and is led by former high-ranking military and law enforcement personnel. Licensed in every major trade show city, our guards are uniformly trained to safeguard your show but also in hospitality management to ensure your attendees are treated as guests.

We are a cost-effective and efficient team partner. At United, we know your show is your Super Bowl and we want to see you win. Please call us at 800-248-8558 for a cleaning quote or email us at  for a complimentary professional security threat assessment today!

Cleaning, Janitorial Services
Security Services
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