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GameBuzz is the digital event gamification system that lets you host an exciting, live game show all about your brand and your industry.

GameBuzz works because people love to play games! They laugh, compete and cheer each other on—and all the while, they’re learning what you want them to learn. You customize the content of each game to highlight your brand, your offerings and trends in your industry. You can even change the game platform’s colors to your brand’s colors and feature your logo for a completely branded gaming experience.

GameBuzz can help you:

  • Generate more leads at trade shows. Draw more visitors to your booth—and get more leads—with the excitement of live game show action. Imagine people laughing, competing and having fun while they learn about your brand!
  • Make a bigger impact at corporate events. Want to get the troops fired up? People love to compete, and GameBuzz is modeled after some of the greatest game shows in TV history. Best of all, the content is all about your brand and your message.
  • Get better retention at training sessions. Your employees will have a blast competing against each other while they learn your custom training content. Whether they get the answers right or wrong, they’ll have better recall of the material.

Some of the world’s most innovative brands have deployed GameBuzz to accomplish all three! Our clients have reported:

  • Up to 300% more visitors
  • Up to 100% more qualified leads
  • Up to 10% higher conversions

GameBuzz includes these six fast-paced games to keep the experience fresh:

  • High Five. Survey says ... everyone has a blast while players try to name the top five crowd responses.
  • Questionable Answers. A fun spin on that classic TV game show where players reply in the form of a question
  • Picture This. Players flex their creative muscles by drawing an industry-related object in 30 seconds or less.
  • High Low. The number on the screen is wrong—but players have to guess if the right answer is higher or lower.
  • I Know That! Quick trivia quiz on your business, industry trends and fun facts.
  • Reveal. The big screen slowly reveals an object from your industry, while players race to name it correctly.

GameBuzz is priced to deliver cost-effective, results-driven fun, with packages available for every budget. Want to make your next event unforgettable? Contact us today!



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